Màng co pof - nguyên liệu của tương lai

Màng co pof - nguyên liệu của tương lai

Màng co pof - nguyên liệu của tương lai

Màng co pof - nguyên liệu của tương lai

Màng co pof - nguyên liệu của tương lai
Màng co pof - nguyên liệu của tương lai

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PE Films Term Glossary

Pof membranes, also called pof membranes, are increasingly being used and will soon become the future raw material to replace the pvc film by its superior advantages. Let's learn more through the next article nhé!

1. Membrane pof

Sponge membranes are made of polyolefin plastic, and are commonly used in the food packaging industry, components, or specialty merchandise of the plant.

Physical and chemical properties of pof membranes:

Physical Properties: Thin, lightweight, tough, and good elasticity, waterproof, greasy pof membrane does not conduct electricity or conduct heat. The film is transparent, colorless, odorless, does not allow air to pass through, and withstand high or low temperatures for long periods of time. Thermal and beautiful, no color changes when the shrink, safety marks are not sharp edges.

- Chemical nature: Non-oxidized in air, under limited temperature conditions, will not react with alkalis, acids, or organic solvents. Even when decomposition does not produce toxic effects on health and the environment.

elasticity of the pof membrane

Elasticity of the pof membrane

Classification of pof membranes: There are two types of pof membranes: three-layer pof films and five-layer pof films.

Three layers of pof film: TERPP / LLDPE / TERPP.

- 5 layers of pof film: TERPP / LLDPE / LLDPE / LLDPE / TERPP.

Characteristics of the pof membrane:

- The film can stretch to 100 to 120% at the beginning.

- Pof membrane with force

Scissors range from 120 to 125 N / m2.

- The shrinkage of the pof film was 67% when drying the film for 5 minutes at 130 degrees Celsius.

- Tear resistance: 20 to 22 N / m2.

- Membrane adhesives have a durability up to 40 N / m2.

- The light cover of the pof film is 1.3%.

- The incombustible content in the pof film is 0.15%

- Density: 916kg / m3.

- Long, wide, and thin thickness can be adjusted according to need.

Application of pof membrane: pof membrane is used to wrap goods with purpose

- Protect them from dirt, mold, bacteria.

- Enhance the aesthetics of packaging by reflecting them through transparent pof envelopes.

- Shaped package, fixed details, products inside to avoid falling, lost, stolen ...

- Pof membrane protects the goods from scratches in case of collision, rubbing ...

2. The reason why the pof becomes the future material

coated products with pof membrane

The product is wrapped in pof foil

Thin film has many advantages over pvc film:

- POF membrane is thinner, tougher, lighter, non-toxic, and complies with FDA, USDA standards.

POF films are also heat-resistant, more durable, clearer, cleaner during production without the need to add softening agents that can produce poisons such as pvc film.

- Pof membranes are quite cheap, and they do not require much additives to produce, which is more cost effective than pvc film.

- POF membrane is thinner but better quality, heat shrink better, better stain and less sharp so it is safer for the user.

Eg: can use POF film thickness 15 microns at lower price to replace 20-25 micron pvc membrane that the product is still protected equally well, the glue is more beautiful, the touch is not too hard /sharp.

Trends of the future are safe - safe for health and safety for the environment, so that non toxic, environmentally friendly films such as pof films will definitely be preferred and membrane types Non-hazardous breakdowns such as pvc films sooner or later will be banned in the food packaging industry.

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