Màng quấn pallet

Màng quấn pallet

Màng quấn pallet

Màng quấn pallet

Màng quấn pallet
Màng quấn pallet

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Pallet wrap

At present, the pallet wrapping film with its excellent applications such as fixed goods, anti-mold, anti-dust, anti-rust, scratch resistant ... have been becoming popular and widely used in the industry. packaging, transportation, and warehousing. If you have been exposed or working in these areas, you have probably heard of pallet wrapping. What kind of pallet wrapping is actually, why is it used so much?


film wrapped pallet

Pallet wrap


1. Pallet wrap

Pallet wrapping, also known as pallet wrapping, is a thin pe film used to wrap goods pallets to fix goods, and to protect them better during storage and transport.

Pe film used to wrap pallet goods is also full of characteristics, the characteristics of a pe film:

- Good adhesion, 300% elongation, insulation, insulation, waterproofing, anti-mold, anti-dirt, color and size can be varied depending on demand (usually white in color). .

- Do not react with aqueous solution of bromine, acid, alkali, organic solvent ... do not allow CO2, N2 ... go through, and can smell molecules ...

They are divided into two main categories:

Handmade pallet wrapper films are usually smaller in size, so they can be handy to wrap around the goods, but handmade is a bit laborious and time-consuming.

- Pallet wrapping machine is a larger size film designed for pallet wrapping machines, when combined to help automate and save materials, ensuring the uniformity of pallets. and improve productivity.


2. The role of pallet wrapping

Pallet wrapping is extremely important in the protection of pallets:

- Helps palletize goods, avoid falling, scratches, and create a better protective film.

- Protecting goods from outside agents: moisture, air, dirt, mold ... during transportation, storage.

- Protect cargo while loading, unloading, transporting, limiting collisions, breaking down ... avoiding scattered, lost goods, ensuring goods on pallets remain the same.

The advantage of the pallet wrap is the good protection of goods, cheap, thin film and lightweight, so it is easy to transport and reloading without additional shipping costs, saving costs.

Because of its great advantages and benefits, pallet wrapping is increasingly used everywhere, not only in ships, ports, yards, frozen warehouses, factories. They are also used in supermarkets, private warehouses.


Use peel wrap pallet

Pallet wrapped by hand


The reason should use goods pallet wrapping instead of other protection methods (canvas cover, ligaments, use air bags, or wooden box pallet ...):

First, pallet wrapping can protect goods from dust, water, such as canvas, and can be fixed goods as with the ligament, while protecting the goods from the impact force as when use airbags, wooden crates. In addition, the use of pallet wrap protects the goods from other agents: bacteria, mold, oxygen.

Secondly, wrapping pallets with pe films also saves money, as windings are cheaper than airbags, coffers, or tarpaulins. Pe thin film should not increase the size of pallets such as air bags should not increase the cost of storage. In addition, the pallet wrap is very light so it does not increase the weight of the pallet such as using wooden crates so it does not increase transportation costs.


Here are some information about pallet wrapping, hoping to help you make the right decision when choosing pallet protection.

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