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Great use of membranes

Membranes are being used in many areas of life, but we still call it the food wrapper, pe wrapped in pallets that are rarely called chit membrane, thin film so few people know the name. there.

1. Utilization of membrane

The film is essentially pe membrane should bring full nature and use of pe film:

- Waterproof, greaseproof -> Waterproof, anti-damp.

- Do not let the air pass through -> help ensure the quality of products, anti oxidation causes rust, metamorphosis.

- No electrical conductivity, heat conduction -> insulation, insulation.

- No reaction with common solvents, inert with acid, alkali, Br ... -> protects the product from chemical elements.

- Colorless, odorless, non-BPA, and non-toxic -> ensure aesthetic value and health safety for the user.

- Good elasticity, strong traction -> used to cover a wide range of products / food of different shapes.

- The ability to fix, fix the position of goods, products -> reduce falling, theft when transporting, preservation.

- Highly durable tensile film, good bearing capacity. -> Minimize force on cargo, protect them in collision, rubbing.

Application of chit membrane

With their outstanding use, membrane chit is increasingly popular and applied in many fields:

- In the family, chit membrane is used to wrap food, fruit ... preserved in the refrigerator. Sometimes chit membrane is used to wrap refrigerator, household appliances to avoid scratches when using, moving.

Application of chit - wrapped fruit

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- In packaging, the film is used to wrap directly the goods in packaging or wrapping the goods to protect them, especially when packaging frozen food, beverages, ceramics, furniture. art wood...

Application of chit membrane - wood seat

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- When transporting or unloading, storage of goods, film chit is also used to wrap pallet goods to fix goods on pallets, avoid loss, collision damage goods.

Application of pallet wrapping film

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- In agriculture: membranes used to cover the land, building greenhouses to create a favorable environment for growing crops, wrapping agricultural products to prevent pests ...

application of membrane - cover soil

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In addition, they are used for lining shrimp / fish ponds, salt lining, beauty, or used when cooking, flower arrangement, painting, ...

application film chit - beautify

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- In most supermarkets, electronics, home appliances, chit membrane are often used to wrap goods, avoid scratches on the collision, while protecting the goods from dust when displaying.

The above is the great use of membrane chit, hopefully through the article you will have a more comprehensive view of this multi-functional membrane and know how to use it effectively.

Good luck!

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